Spiritual Landscapes

About Frankie

Frankie is a very experienced astrologer and has studied astrology since the 70íes.  He has a background in natural and in social sciences with a bachelor in both. He is also working as a high school teacher. 

When you order an astrology session with Frankie,  you will get your personal astrology chart together with a substantial intrerpretation live through skype or messenger for about an hour. Since Frankie is a psychic, he will of course use that ability in your session. 

Frankie has been inspired by many old and new philosophers and scientists such as Carl Gustav Jung, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharishi, Stanislav Grof, John Lilly and Ken Wilber. 

You can contact Frankie for a session here at info@spirituallandscapes.net or at francois.arbouz@gmail.com