Spiritual Landscapes

About Lottie

Lottie has been working as a medium since the middle of the 90ies. She works in private sessions with personal and spiritual growth and guidance for the daily life questions. She communicates with departed loved ones from spirit as well as spiritual guides, angels and buddhas. Lottie also gives seances and leads meditation groups. With two of her associates, she is a manager of a school for psychic development and mediumship in Stockholm where she is the principal. Lottie has a PhD in sociology with a background as a researcher and mediator trainer. She is also a NLP practitioner, a medíator, a coach and a counsellor in processes involving mourning and grief issues. Lottie is a writer, she recently published her first novel  (soon to come in english) and a co-writer in "Warrior women with angel wings": illuminate your joy. ed. Sundi Struregon.

A session with Lottie varies for 30 or 60 minutes, using skype or messenger. The atmosphere is filled with love, compassion,  wisdom and guidance with the help of your spiritual friends.

You can contact Lottie here at info@spirituallandscapes.net or at kontakt@lottiewahlin.se